Prince of Darkness

I’m so pleased to hear that John Carpenter was honored at this year’s SCREAMFEST:

I have fond memories of that film; it remains my absolute favorite monster movie I’ve ever been in.  John and his wife Sandy were such great people to work with!


A few years ago I did an interview on the film, so here’s the link:

Coming Soon: More Photos!

I’ve just discovered a box of photos from my acting days, and by request will be updating soon.

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Here you’ll find info on Thom’s past work, as well as his current activities, and future plans.

International fans of the TV series Riptide may also order autographed pictures of Thom from this site.

Thom became an actor at the age of 16, playing many seasons of summer stock before attending Hofstra University. There he majored in music, with a double major in dramatic literature. During the summer of his freshman year, he co-founded a summer stock company that he ran for two seasons.

After graduation, Thom moved to New York City where he cut his professional teeth touring in many professional children’s theatre companies, among them The Prince Street Players and The Fanfare Children’s Ensemble, where he pranced around stage with the likes of John Goodman. He also wrote plays, and was a CAPS Fellow in Playwriting.

Television commercials soon followed, and Thom was eventually cast in the 1977 TV version of Breaking Away, playing the role of Cyril. After the show was cancelled after 7 aired episodes, he moved to Los Angeles, and over the next few years appeared in guest starring roles on many TV series: Lou Grant, Private Benjamin, One Day At A Time, Murder She Wrote, Quincy, etc. In the early 1980s he was cast in Stephen Cannell’s Riptide, a top 20 show for NBC that lasted 3 seasons.

In feature films, Thom is mostly distinguished by the way he has died: in John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness he was dispatched by Alice Cooper, In Sean Cunningham’s Deepstar Six he was killed by some sort of underwater crab. Having grown up on the Universal and Hammer monster cannon, Thom considers these experiences a dream come true.

In 1989 he started writing for television: Designing Women, Fired Up, Kirk, Now and Again and Nash Bridges are some of the shows he worked on.

In 2001 he stepped out of the Hollywood scene to concentrate on family. He became a teacher, and has Master’s degree, which he flaunts for 6 periods a day for middle school drama students. And he loves it.

Thom also teaches television script writing classes on the university level. He also appears onstage in small professional theatres, including his annual recreation of Charles Dickens’ reading performances of A Christmas Carol.

Recently, Thom has returned to writing, this time, books and short stories.

He has been married for 25+ years and has three grown children; a son who works in Seattle, and daughter in school, and another who is an actress. He also has a poodle.


(Remembering Stephen J. Cannell)